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Creating a Drug Free Workplace

Discover how our tailored drug testing solutions help companies create safer, more productive workplaces. By aligning with SAMHSA guidelines and offering clear policies and support systems, we prioritize safety, responsibility, and accountability. Explore our services to safeguard your workforce today.Committed to precision, effectiveness, and confidentiality, ARCpoint Labs enables businesses to make informed choices, cultivate a secure and compliant workplace, and succeed in today's competitive landscape

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  • Proactive identification and deterrence of drug and alcohol presence in the workplace

  • Early detection of signs indicating impaired performance, behavior, or judgment due to substance abuse

  • Reduction in absenteeism rates and prevention of frequent workplace accidents

  • Mitigation of unexplained financial or personal issues associated with substance abuse among employees

Should any of these indicators arise within your workplace, swift intervention is imperative. Implementing a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program is essential for safeguarding the well-being and productivity of your team.


Streamlining the specimen collection process for labs and clients .

Efficient Specimen Collection

Industry Standards

Community Focused

Data Security

Data Compliance

Improved Patient Experience

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