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Let Us Represent You 

We at Testology, Inc. are aware that we are a very significant and visible extension of your company. Our goal is to offer individualized, superior services that will help & speed up the underwriting process for your client. To maintain the reputation of your company, consider getting a life, disability, health, or long-term care insurance.

By keeping ourselves to high performance standards across three essential elements of our services, 

We hope to accomplish this:

  • Exemplary clinical standards while examining the proposed insured, your client.

  • Exceptional Communication and logistical standards while handling the exam request from you, our client.

  • We know that when we perform well, we make you look good and anything to the contrary will be responded to with the utmost urgency and care!

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Privacy Policy

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You have the right to request that we remove any Personal Data about you that we may have acquired or retained. The right to refuse the sale. You have the right to refuse the sale of your Personal Data. Testology does not sell personal information.

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